Condor Consulting will assist you to configure and integrate Oracle Internet Of Things and BIG DATA platform in which you can analyze data in real time from different devices to give a high commercial value to your business (transportation, manufacture, electronics and so on) as well as to integrate these data with cloud tools in order to generate personalize boards to business users.

OIT allows you to acquire information based on datum to perform actions of IoT to connect, analyze and integrate data from a device during the business process and apps so that your business can offer innovative and quick services with less risk.

Daily hundreds of devices are released to report considerable data, these ones can provide us with vital information to make a final decision, analyze resources and the business intelligence.

¿Cómo podemos ayudarte?

Contáctanos, podemos apoyarte con nuestras soluciones en Bases de Datos de misión crítica

Main Characteristics:

The fastest in the market:

It allows you to extend  procedure and logistic operations, including data from different connected devices.


It allows you to handle preventing maintenance using a pre- built interaction, analyzing tools and mobile devices.

A vision in real time:

It improves the layout of assets through analyzing and making decisions based on data ”on flight”.