Using a private cloud services, it seems complicated, but it is not that way.

As consultants, we count with experience and capacity to create private clouds, Our methodology has already been tested taking care factors for their construction and in this way we can guarantee you a success

We will assist you to create your private cloud. Starting with the centralization of the Hardware resources by adapting Oracle Linux and Oracle Virtualization Machine platforms for a quick display and a scalable infrastructure also a total and centralize monitoring with Cloud Control 13c which allows you to manage the resources of each organizational unit.

The excelled benefits for having your own private cloud are:

  • Elasticity: Use the computer resources “Low Demand” by server and planned for critical periods also reduce the investments costs in investments of Oracle assets.
  • Scalability: Combine the power of multiples serves with elasticity, we offer an efficient service and comfortably scalable. With this feature, we propose the possibility to respond to the demand regarding to your growth.
  • Self- service: Begins to delegate the management of the system resources to the final users.
  • Privacy: The clearest advantage of having a private cloud placed in a private server.
  • Big control: A whole control of management cloud, its capacities, costs and the stored data.
  • Variety of functionalities: Your private cloud will offer you a diversity of functions while working with it: database, middleware, applications, synchronization and so on.  This will depend on the applications you desire to install.
  • Personalization: It consists of high possibilities to personalize your cloud: appearance, applications, behaving, data organization and so on.

Enable your private cloud !

Through a fully virtualized center we enable auto service and automation Hablitiando agility and responding to business needs.
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