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Your historical business records in the cloud. Migrate to current Oracle E Business Suite to IaaS.

Reduce operation costs and technological infrastructure maintenance of your E Business Suite and take advantage of your investment in Oracle technology the most.

Condor Consulting Services provide a total service with the purpose to innovate to E Business Suite moving your environments to the Oracle cloud, which allows you to obtain the following benefits:

  • A transparent migration to the cloud and a meaningful reduction in costs, elasticity in HW components, paid for what it is used and interaction among your legacy systems.
  • 99.95% availability in IaaS
  • A complete  manufacturer backup (Oracle)
  • A total administration of Oracle infraestructure
    • An analysis of the advantage of E Business Suite
    • Detection of improvements during the performance of critical process
    • A maximum advantage of EBS license
    • Security in your environments
    • An efficient attention to maintenance and administration.
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