Implement a correct IT management

We support you to implement the basics of a correct management of information technologies, helping to have a sustained, measurable and optimized growth.

Governance TI

Condor Consulting Services support to the companies to define and implement management models, our purpose is focused on governance TI in different layers:


Through the suite Oracle Fusion Governance Risk and Compliance, it provides a complete response to the enterprise needs regarding to compliance of the standard rules, risks management and automation of controls. This global perspective makes the companies follow the important risks and provides and immediate coordinated response through the control remedial plans also a constant monitoring assessment.


An effective governance of SOA is essential to measure the commercial value, the costs reduction, an efficient improvement and increase the visibility. Oracle offers a solution GOVERNANCE SOA that joins users, processes and technology to assist the organizations to achieve their targets of SOA, in all levels of maturity. Using these tools we can keep traceability, version controls, rapidity, visibility and the control of the life cycle of SOA.


The current organizations need to manage and regulate the access to users in multiple canals, systems and different means to access taking into account the needs of the business, the management risks, compliance of the standard rules and also the elaboration of audit reports and the total number of variety of users. Oracle counts on with a vast suite which can handle the life cycle of the identities. In Condor, we are expertise to implement solutions with a governance aim and management risks.

Our main objective is to support our customers in their audits to make it clear and efficiently, improving time and resources and having a complete control of the organization. We have different aims for enterprises that require to comply with standard rules or laws (SOX, FCPA among others) implementing controls with GRC that makes fulfilled of the compliance easily.

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