Digital Billing

We help you to automate your fiscal and accounting processes, ensuring efficiency by avoiding errors in your Oracle ERP environment.

Tax Recovery

We tutor companies that realize activities in which apply the rate “0” of tax in order to emit annually or complementary tax declaration through E – Business Suite Oracle, so that you can recover your taxes in favor as soon as possible. These can be done using development and consolidation of data following the next steps:

  1. Identifying the source of the information to integrate inside EBS.
  2. Classifying the information and complement it.
  3. Reporting the information in the formats requested.
  4. Associating your digital receipts with these operations in a detailed level.

Having collected the extracted information from Oracle EBS as soon as possible, you can present the information and tax declaration clearly to the fiscal authorities and have the following benefits:

  • An increase in the cash flow with a quick returning or compensation in a control way.
  • An improvement in the quality and visibility of TAX ADDED VALUE (IVA) (no taxable, 0% rate, frontiers etc.)
  • Accountable ties against your flow accounts of TAX ADDED VALUE (IVA)
  • Avoiding penalties so as not to comply in time to present your tax final declarations or informative TAX ADDED VALUE.
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