Once an enterprise has achieved the operative excellence through the costs reduction, an increment in quality and time – response reduction, the following step is to obtain the management or administrative excellence under different concepts like: agility – intelligence and lining which will allow to your company an increase in:

  • In the elaboration of process, control and layout of budgetary cycle
  • Plenty of areas of the company are involved
  • Making right decisions with anticipation
  • Authority in the precision and perception of the information
  • Predictions of the performance of the enterprise with accuracy. Use of the command controls preexistences and reports needed a detail for the user.
  • Mobile technology
  • Integration of database simplified and selective
  • Ability to transfer the model on premise to the cloud and vice versa.

Hyperion Planning (displayed in the cloud as Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service – PBCS), It is the worldwide leader in planning tools and business budgetary which will allow you to obtain the previously mentioned benefits through planning budget sales, expenses, cots and so on, hence they will permit you to control and model your budgets as well as foreseen in an easy and collaborative way.
The capacity and flexibility of the multidimensional database (Essbase) allow you to model different sceneries in the real time, execute indicative analysis and visualize information from different angles and perspectives with the assistance of our consultants who are expertise in financing processes and with our technical implementation team.

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