Avoid the risk of your company's disappearance

Generate new customer experiences and leverage business performance planning and dashboards that help in decision making.

We improve the business processes of the companies using ERP in the cloud.

With ERP in the cloud the companies grow quickly, but controlled at the same time, without those big expenses and time of a traditional layout (On premise). This system will allow the user to have a smooth technological adoption through a simple interface user and intuitive besides the integrated control apps. Our consulting team delivers the necessary tutoring to extend the native functionality apps in the cloud by:

  1. Extensions
  2. Integrations
  3. Analytical of the business

Financial Cloud offers you a wide range of modules and designed functions to impulse the modern finances and ensure the success of the customer with simplified processes. The cloud will allow you to cover de flow of processes for accounting, payable accounts, receivable accounts, fixed assets and cash management in a version which contains consolidated functionalities from different acquisitions of manufacturers with a quick incorporation and constantly modern technology such as mobile phone, social and displayed functions in the cloud so fast and with less resources, that is why we assure you that we count with the best platform apps in the cloud (SaaS) available in the market which has been tested in thousands of projects worldwide and it has been improved with  platform solutions (PaaS) and infrastructure (Iaas) requested by our clients..


  • Your company will adopt the best practices in the industry quickly based on tested processes worldwide creating competiveness making a difference in the global market.
  • Your company will take advantage of the apps available from any device at any time and at anyplace.
  • This application can accompany the growth of your business without any limits and you will pay for the consumption used only.
  • Access to the financing data in real time.
  • Comply with the international accounting laws and multiple legislative demands, industrial or geographical framework.
  • Assistance to make decisions and increase the accuracy during the incoming transactions.
  • Control the costs and increase the visibility in the expenses.
  • Visibility in the incoming cash and withdrawing cash.
  • Reduce the costs in the transactions process.
  • Innovative platform with integrated reports of multidimensional data.
  • Simultaneous accounting to cover multiples requirements of information.
  • Command icons based on roles that push the issues and the work for the users.
  • Integrated images of suppliers´ invoices.
  • A wide integration of an excel sheet through financing functions.
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