We generate impact analysis to the business and risk.

We document the impact of an outage on the activities that support the products and services of any organization.

An efficient recovery plan for disaster (DRP) could be really expensive due to the need to establish, equip, and handle a remote business data center. The cloud of Oracle offers a great alternative to host database in standby for clients who do not have a DR site or they do not want to deal with the cost or complexity of managing a remote business data center.

The existence production of database remain in the facilities and the database in standby used by DR are displayed in the cloud of Oracle. In this way, the display refers to a common hybrid cloud implementation

With DRP solution you will have the following benefits:

  • Keep the continuance of the services which operate on the TIC areas of your business so as to give a permanent attention to customers, suppliers, shareholders, and team members.
  • Protect the business against failures in the database of computer services.
  • Guarantee access to business information 24/7 and maintain availability of computer resources
  • Minimize the error of making decisions before an unexpected issue
  • Have the ability to recover data successfully
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