Do you know your vulnerabilities and the losses you are prone to?

We diagnose the health and fulfillment of the technologies in an integral way and thus turn them into opportunities and improve the exploitation.

Integrated Health Check

With this application you will find out the health of Oracle´s technology and Red Hat Operative system entirely (360 degrees) including availability, security, performance, procedures and costs aspects which will permit to detect vulnerabilities and turn them into opportunities to improve the use of technology as well as reduce costs in your business through a group of diagnostic and analysis technics of information.

This proactive and strategic analysis will provide the following:

  • Quickness to detect a violation, an attack  or a security breach in your company
  • Continuance of critical functions of your business before a possibility of failure or crash of your system.
  • Ideal performance to deliver the requested level service
  • Maximize the performance of financing process in EBS
  • Maximize the performance of the software
  • Obtain a better return of investment (ROI) and reduce its ownership cost (TCO) of licenses or subscriptions.

We are expertise in the following Oracle technological components:

Once the service has been executed, you will get a clearly visibility on critical points to be solved in order to increase the health of Oracle ecosystem.

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