The future of the analysis is already here.

Tableau. (2019).

Vector maps, parameter actions and more: the new features of Tableau 2019.2.


With Oracle Cloud Platform.

Oracle. (2019).

New and better self-managed business workloads.


Oracle Code One: Break new roads together.

Oracle. (2019).

Registration is open for the most inclusive developer conference on the planet.

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Take advantage of your data Optimize the information.

Tableau. (2019).

Experience the power of data through an analytical journey. Stay in the flow of analysis.

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Considerations of the SOX law for Tableau visualizations.

Tableau. (2019).

The adoption of data analysis provides levels of ability to discover and optimize daily tasks.


Oracle OpenWorld: Define your future and reach it.

Oracle. (2019).

Oracle OpenWorld: Define your future and reach it.


Blockchain safely extends business processes.

Oracle. (2019).

With Blockchain you can create a secure business platform for all the transactions you make.


Provide reliable data to Promote the transformation of the business.

Tableau. (2019).

Provide reliable data to Promote the transformation of the business.


Java 12 increases developer productivity.

Oracle. (2019).

Oracle JDK 12 includes a preview of switch expressions and improvements in garbage collection and data exchange.


How to mitigate flight delays?

Oracle. (2019).

Combined with Oracle Analytics, Oracle’s stand-alone technology can quickly produce visualizations that inform decisions to optimize the airline’s customer experience.


Save more than 10,000 hours by scaling 9,000 users in 14 business units.

Tableau. (2019).

Thanks to Tableau, the team analyzes the data in a matter of hours instead of months, helping the company to make fundamental decisions.


The bottlenecks of reports are over.

Tableau. (2019).

With Tableau, the control panels are updated daily. The company and the IT department work together in an enriching way. The teams have a greater capacity to locate and combat sales.


Tableau expands data preparation features with Tableau Prep Conductor

Tableo. (2019).


Oracle Cloud Integration increases performance in 2.5X

Oracle. (2019).

Cisco Teatration switched to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and I improve the use of CPU.


Autonomous database, fully automated, always vigilant.

Mitsubishi. (2019).

Honda Insight, Jaguar i-Pace y Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV they win Green Car of the Year 2019